MAJP theory of change is our strategic planning process to have our work connected to broader movements for social justice and human rights in the United States and Globally. We will establish think tanks, from opposing sides, to include but not limited to victims, offenders, policymakers and subject matter experts, will facilitate, and examine the duty and accountability of actionable and measurable efforts that will collaborate with Government, Local state agencies for community’s improvement.


Our purpose is to raise awareness of the impact of domestic violence, empower victims and survivors, and hold abusers accountable.  Our goal is to break down the barriers of stigma, silence, and shame that keep people from addressing these issues and taking actions to prevent them.  This will result in a non-tolerance stance in the community.


Our purpose is to pursue the reduction of mass incarceration through policy and legal reforms that effectively promotes and protects public safety and communities at large. We will create opportunities for community members and leaders to discuss community issues and concerns, and seek understanding of policies and procedures.  Our goal is to facilitate collaborations that promote equality in the justice system and fairness of democracy.  


MAJP purpose is to pursue the reduction of mass incarceration through policy and legal reforms to catalyze an effective and common sense system that protects public safety and communities.  We will work to organize leaders and communities to evaluate and understand policy and then facilitate the collaboration necessary to holding our political institutions and laws accountable for equality in the justice system along with the expressed fairness of democracy.


Our purpose is to provide working solutions ranging from restoration of parole, first time offenders, and rehabilitation programs.  We vehemently oppose unnecessary imprisonment through minimum mandatory sentencing, and we strongly support alternative to incarceration that reinforce and bridge economic drain suffered due to minimum mandatory sentencing.  We will continue to promote existing and on-going research and publications in the areas of reformation in sentencing policy, and unjust racial disparities and practices. 


MAJP will work with existing first time offender programs for individuals charged with relatively low-level or non-violent crimes that may be able to avoid a trial or plea by using a diversion or first offender program. We will offer mandatory counseling or educational courses in relation to the crime involved, community service and rehabilitative counseling.


MAJP is an advocate for federal policy change that promotes alternative to zero-tolerance discipline.  MAJP will work to eliminate the school to prison pipeline by working with organizations, local, state, and federal programs that promote policies and programs that help to create positive approaches to school disciple and positive school climates. We will facilitate and help establish multiple stakeholder groups comprised of youth, parents, educators, advocates, and members of the juvenile judicial system.  Committed to the plight of today’s youth, MAJP will work with district school boards, school administrators and juvenile organizations to provide intensive support to students with particular risk factors. MAJP will facilitate life skills workshops that include conflict resolution, and problem-solving skills.

Our goal is to provide youth with as many opportunities to live a productive and law-abiding life as possible.  We will sponsor programs that offer youth an opportunity to develop these skills through community service venues.  MAJP is committed to creating opportunities for civic engagement, in lieu of suspension from school, and during periods of out of school suspension.  


MAJP, will design programs and work with existing programs, if court intervention takes place to re-direct juveniles back on the path to reach their full potential by providing resources that help schools work towards preventing trauma, repairing harm and promoting healing, and reject a culture of punishment, and criminalization.


MAJP will bring awareness to minimum mandatory sentencing by speaking and educating on ways to eliminate mandatory sentencing laws and promote sentencing policies rooted in the fundamental American values of individualized justice, fairness, proportionality, and respect for liberty and due process. MAJP will share stories of families and prisoners and advocate for more efficient and effective protection of public safety.


MAJP will work to eliminate inequality in the criminal justice system by promoting sentencing reform and the use of alternatives to incarceration through program development and research on criminal justice issues. MAJP will establish working relationships with community-based organizations involving the criminal justice system and the community, working together to identify problems and propose solutions designed to reduce unwarranted disparities.


MAJP will work with communities for improvement by offering at risk juveniles mentoring programs and useful life skills. We will provide workshops and seminars to better communities and work with organizations to strengthen, unify and build community spirit and increase the capacity of various community organizations to improve the quality of life for all. MAJP will include community and neighborhood development and improvement services; urban and rural economic development programs; business services and services to improve or develop commercial enterprises within communities; services to enhance or improve the performance of nonprofit organizations; and services to recruit, train and place volunteers in community organizations and community service clubs.